500 calories

Can you really burn 500 calories a day? It is, indeed! There is an easy rule for losing weight. More calories are expended when fewer calories are consumed. But cutting calories alone is not always effective (1). Therefore, it is advised to consume a balanced diet and burn 500 calories per day.

Best Exercises To Burn 500 Calories In 30 Minutes

1.High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT uses brief repetitions of rapid, high-intensity workout sessions to burn fat more efficiently than traditional cardio activities. Additionally, HIIT causes EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption), which indicates that you will continue to burn fat even two hours after your workout.

A high-intensity HIIT workout can consist of 12 squat leaps, followed by a 10-second break and two additional sets. Do 20 highly intense high knees after a 10-second break. Continue with two more sets after another 10-second break. The top HIIT exercises are listed here.


Without making you sweat, swimming is a great activity for burning fat and toning your entire body. If you swim (freestyle) quickly for 30 minutes while weighing 130 pounds, you’ll burn about 445 calories. You will quickly become in shape if you experiment with different strokes.


In just 30 minutes, kickboxing, a combat sport, burns 400–500 calories. It enhances mobility, balance, stamina, and physical fitness (6). Get fit by finding a kickboxing class nearby.

4.Weight Training

Building lean muscle and burning 500 calories per day need weightlifting or strength training. To put your muscles to work, use equipment like dumbbells, barbells, Swiss balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance bands, pull-up bars, etc. To acquire a fit and thin figure, alternate days of cardio and weight training.

5.Rope Jumping

Skipping or jumping rope are excellent warm-up exercises. You can burn up to 500 calories by doing high-intensity rope jumps for 30 minutes. To avoid knee injuries, put on the correct footwear and land gently. During the workout, take two breaks of 60 seconds each.

6.Exercise Bike/Cycling

Cycling is a terrific way to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes, whether it’s outside or inside. 460 calories can be burned in 30 minutes of fast pedalling at 14–15 mph. If your stamina isn’t that high, you can instead take three sets of 60-second breaks to catch your breath. Your endurance will start to increase and you’ll start burning more calories after two weeks.

7. Outdoor Sports

You may count on engaging in wonderful outdoor sports like skiing, ice skating, football, basketball, and racquet sports like badminton and tennis to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes. The serotonin and adrenaline rush also aids in memory enhancement, stress reduction, and improved sleep induction.

8.Running Up The Stairs

If you want to burn 500 calories in only 30 minutes, you cannot disregard the fat-burning, leg-toning activity of running up the stairs. Running up the stairs exercises the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones while also helping the body pump more oxygen. You lose fat through sweat. Your coordination and balance are also enhanced.

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