By 2024, the athleisure clothing market is projected to increase by over $80 billion. Athleisure is one of the few fashion fads that has endured. You might remember how popular yoga pants became in the 2010s. The fashions that combine athletic and loungewear elements are already invading our wardrobes in such a way that you can wear biker shorts with blazers, sports bras with jeans, and leggings and shoes. The trend is still present.

The hybrid nature of athleisure blurs the lines between your home, workplace, and gym, which makes putting together an outfit for the day in one easy step rather effortless. It all comes together in a standout athleisure collection: fit, quality, comfort, and style.

Your outfit should include a fantastic bodysuit or leggings in addition to a basic t-shirt and regular jeans. Fortunately, there are a lot of brands doing an excellent job in this area.

List our top athleisure brands

1. Alo Yoga Aces Tennis Skirt

The tennis skirt trend is rapidly expanding, although you may wear this both on and off the court. Act quickly before this design sells out because Kendall Jenner just adopted it as a favorite.

2. Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress is the best example of how blurry the boundary is between clothing for exercise and everyday wear. Find a dress that can perform both.

3. Lululemon Ready to Rulu High-Rise Jogger

Although Lululemon is best known for its cult-favorite yoga leggings, their athleisure selection can be worn off the mat as well. Particularly appealing to us are these modern, tall joggers.

4. Nike Hijab 2.0 Nike Pro

When it comes to companies that combine sports wear with streetwear, Nike is pretty much the standard, but they have evolved into so much more in recent years. Since releasing the sports-inspired hijab in 2017, Nike has started introducing more inclusive versions (including their recently launched Fly Ease sneaker, a shoe designed to get into hands-free). Nike offers athletic wear in plus sizes as well.

5. Adidas Adicolor Classics Firebird Primeblue Track Jacket

Adidas sells Ivy Park by Beyonce in addition to athletic wear. While we’ll have to wait until the following launch to purchase something from that collaboration, their Adidas Originals collection provides a wide selection of fashionable options.

6. Champion Cropped Cut-off Hoodie

Nothing compares to wearing an original Champion hoodie for a sense of security. Even though it is athleisurewear, you can wear it on all situations.

7. Under Armour Knockout Tank

Because Under Armour is recognized for its creativity, its athleisurewear features lightweight fabrics that swiftly wick away perspiration and have an anti-odor technology built right into the fabric. This raises the bar for breathability. So feel free to browse the grocery store after your workout.

8. Calvin Klein Standards Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

Calvin Klein offers a wide range of options if you belong to the club of those who only wear a big hoodie when they have to wear pants. The company also offers a variety of alternatives that are gender-neutral, which your BF might be tempted to steal or purchase in a matching style.

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