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If you have sensitive eyes, that doesn’t mean you should never wear eye makeup again. With a few eye makeup suggestions for sensitive eyes, you may use them as your canvas to create beautiful and unique eye art. If you follow the appropriate advice, you may avoid having watery or itchy eyes while sporting the dramatic smoky eye look.

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Why Does Wearing Makeup Irritate My Eyes?

People with sensitive eyes are aware that if any makeup touches the area around their eyes, it will irritate them. On the other hand, many people eventually get sensitive to eye makeup. Contact dermatitis is to blame for an adverse reaction like this to eye makeup.

In contact dermatitis, your immune system is triggered by a chemical, causing your skin to become irritated and itchy.

The two types of contact dermatitis brought on by eye makeup are allergic contact dermatitis and irritating contact dermatitis.

Allergic Dermatitis: You may be allergic to one or more components used in cosmetics products. This causes allergic contact dermatitis. your eyes  itch and turn red. Hives and swelling are additional signs of allergic contact dermatitis.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This disorder is brought on by long-term, excessive contact with cosmetics. This is the reason why your skin may react to some cosmetics that you have previously used.

What Components of Eye Products React Allergically?

1.Talc:  Talcum powder is listed as the first ingredient in eyeshadows. Talc  applied too frequently near the eyes can irritate them.
2.Preservatives: Preservatives like bronopol or dimethicone, which  irritate the skin and eyes, are present in almost all eye                               products.
3,Colorants: Eyeshadow colours have the potential to trigger allergic reactions as well.
4.Fragrances: The majority of the time, allergic reactions are brought on by the fragrances used in cosmetics.

 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

1. Select hypoallergenic cosmetics
The first tip is to choose hypoallergenic items. The components in hypoallergenic goods don’t trigger an allergic reaction in or near your eyes. You can also use fragrance-free cosmetics to lessen the possibility of irritating your eyes .

2. Cream Eyeshadow instead of  Powder
To prevent any adverse reaction, choose a cream eyeshadow over a powder eyeshadow . Basically, talc, a well-known irritant, is an ingredient in powder eyeshadow. Additionally, powder eyeshadow can smear around your eyes, causing an allergic response.

3. Select Superior Brushes
Additionally, you should not use dirty brushes or brushes with rough bristles . To reduce any irritation to the eyes, use brushes with soft bristles and wash them frequently.

4. Avoid Your Waterline

Eyeliner applied to the waterline gives you a defined appearance and brings out the beauty in your eyes.  It is best to avoid using any type of eyeliner on your waterline if you have sensitive eyes. You can use the liner under your waterline if you still want to seem defined.

5.Remove Your Makeup Thoroughly

One of the most crucial things you must do to protect your delicate eyes is to remove eye makeup properly at the end of the day. Try not to wear makeup to bed. To thoroughly remove all of your eye makeup, use an excellent makeup remover or cleaning balm.

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