Types of Makeup Brushes

Types of Makeup Brushes

Is someone who demands five different sizes and colors for every cosmetics brush? Or do you wish to use your fingers and a few rusty old utensils (oops, clean your brushes right away) to do your makeup?

Mascara wand

  • Let’s begin by stating the obvious: Mascara. Apply mascara with this beauty brush, separate and declump your lashes after using too much, or mildly rub the bristles to remove any mascara smudges without transferring the cosmetics underneath.
  • It can be used to attempt washing or combing your brows to help balance out eyebrow makeup. Use one to apply eyelash or brow serums, control flyaways, or do anything else you need to accomplish.

Angled eyeshadow brush

  • Once applying shadow to the crease of your eye, these bristles’ angled shape hugs the contour of your brow bone (think of it as a contour brush for your eyes).
  • This makeup brush is also handy for blending winged shadows by spreading eyeshadow in an outer “V” shape thanks to the dense yet fluffy bristles.

Lip liner brush

  • What little areas are we referring to? Try using this brush to enlighten your eyes or line your lashline for lip liner.
  • If you don’t have any vibrant eyeliner pencils, you may use them to create fantastic, graphic eyeliner like in the Euphoria beauty collection.
  • Hold the pen slightly rather than straight up and down for smoother, straighter, and less broken lines when drawing.

Duo-fiber brush

  • Instead of bending the bristles while using a duo-fiber brush, focus on carefully blending the makeup.
  • Use slight pressure and a circular motion to buff the product into the skin because if you use too much pressure, the longer bristles can spread and leave streak marks in your makeup.

Stippling brush

  • Swipe the bristles hooked on a cream stick or powder. Dip them into liquid makeup, and gently swirl them into your skin. Just a reminder, the tips.
  • Hold the brush at the very end to give you little to no control. If you have a heavy hand or a propensity to stab your brushes into your skin (why do we do this?!).

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