What you Need To Know About The Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo & Conditioner


pureology dandruff shampoo – The Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure shampoo develops a good lather and has a wonderful vanilla aroma with a hint of musk. It doesn’t dry out as much as the Head & Shoulders. You should keep using it on your roots exclusively, even though you could have used it safely on your entire head of hair.

Who is Pureology?

Various high-quality, sulfate-free hair care products are available from the professional hair care line Pureology, which is intended to nurture and safeguard color-treated hair. The company was established in 2001 with the goal of developing hair care products that were not only efficient but also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Pureology’s products are without sulfates. Sulfates can deplete hair of its natural oils and hasten the fading of color. Pureology, on the other hand, uses a combination of plant-based surfactants that are kinder on hair while still producing a thick lather.

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The utilization of Antifade Complex®, a unique combination of chemicals that combines UVA and UVB filters, vitamin E, and other antioxidants, is another distinctive quality of Pureology. This compound maintains hair color vivid for a longer period of time and helps prevent it from fading.

Pureology provides specialist treatments for various hair issues in addition to its core line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. For instance, the Hydrate line is to increase moisture and prevent dryness. Whilst the Strength Cure line is to strengthen and heal the hair.

What is Dandruff?

Seborrheic dermatitis, generally known as dandruff, is a common scalp disorder that results in flaking and itching of the scalp’s skin. It is a long-lasting condition that can be brought on by a number of things, such as dry skin, fungus infections, hormonal changes, stress, and specific medical diseases.

Little, white, or yellowish skin flakes that may fall off the scalp and show up on clothing or hair are the classic symptoms of dandruff. Other signs of dandruff might include redness, irritation, and an oily or greasy scalp in addition to flaking and itching.

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Even while dandruff is not a significant medical problem, many who have it report that it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. In addition to prescription-strength therapies like corticosteroids or antifungal drugs, over-the-counter medicated shampoos for dandruff may contain chemicals like salicylic acid, ketoconazole, or selenium sulfide. We can prevent dandruff and control it in addition to treatment with medication by maintaining proper scalp cleanliness and avoiding triggers like stress or harsh hair products.

All You Need To Know About The Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo & Conditioner

The newest additions to the Pureology product line are the shampoo and conditioner designed to treat dandruff and scalp itching ($35 each). Although the business caters to those with large wallets and color-treated hair, are their prices too high?

Although they are typically successful in treating dandruff, most over-the-counter dandruff shampoos have a tendency to fade hair color. Pureology set out to create a dandruff treatment that wouldn’t smear color.

All You Need To Know About The Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo & Conditioner 

Pyrithione zinc, an antifungal/antibacterial substance frequently used to treat scalp scaling, itching, and flaking, is the active ingredient in Pureology’s dandruff products, just like in Head & Shoulders and most other dandruff shampoos. However, whereas most dandruff products cap the amount of pyrithione zinc in their products at 1%, Pureology uses 2%.

Pureology products use a combination of UVA and UVB protectants known as the “Anti-Fade Complex” to preserve hair color.

All You Need To Know About The Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo & Conditioner 

I occasionally have dandruff, especially when the seasons change. I’ve always used Head & Shoulders Shampoo ($8) and a conditioner like Bumble & Bumble Super Rich to cure it, but even when I used Head & Shoulders very sometimes (and only on the roots of my hair), my hair felt dry, and my color would deteriorate more quickly than usual.

My dandruff disappeared after using both Pureology dandruff solutions once a week for a month, however, my hair color stayed the same.

About Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure

The conditioner weighs 8.5 oz, which is much less than the shampoo. However, the amount of pyrithione zinc in it is only 0.5%. According to the instructions on the container, you should only use it on your scalp, not your hair shaft or ends.

About Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Conditioner

Yet, we advise conditioning my hair from roots to ends at all times. You can use an additional conditioner on the remaining hair after applying Pureology’s conditioner according to the recommended methods.


If you occasionally develop dandruff and have color-treated hair, think about using Scalp Cure Shampoo. It’s an investment given the time and money needed to get a nice dye job. I like that Pureology has a reputation for making color-safe products, but I don’t like that their dandruff conditioner costs $35.

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