Floor-length hemlines, oversized moto jackets, and white tank tops are in style. At least, that’s what retail establishments and fashion websites claim as they entice customers to indulge this fall. I must disagree. Many women in their 50s and older donated their Top Gun bombers from the 1980s and dirt-collecting maxis from the 1970s long ago to Goodwill, and they don’t expect to wear a white tank top in January — unless a warm sweater hides it. Keep searching. A few wearable improvements are well worth the price. You can include a few of the following fashion trends in your wardrobe.


Initially a preppy staple, loafers are now considered more fashionable. Consider the loafers of this season as a more robust, supportive option for ballet flats. A hefty pair in Royal Burgundy or Blackjack will amp up the trendy factor. Alternatively, select a narrow, tapered type in an unexpected color. With some glitz, you can choose the Black Avah Loafer Flats for Women from Karl Lagerfeld Paris.


This is the time to embrace the roomy jeans trend if you’ve been holding onto your narrow jeans. Try a casual straight cut, boot cut, or flared pair of jeans for a timeless style. Try a wide-leg design instead, like the L.L. Bean Women’s 207 Vintage Jeans Wide-Leg in Faded Indigo, for a fashion leap ahead. You might finally donate those skinny jeans to Goodwill.


The new power materials are made of leather and suede. They give ladies a strong, sensual, and self-assured feeling. One of the finest options for individuals who appreciate traditional clothing, wish to modernize a spartan wardrobe, or are looking for a super-versatile substitute for slacks or jeans that transitions from day to night with a change of top is a midi design in a rich neutral. Just avoid the slim-fitting pencil style and stick to A-line or pleated styles. This is an investment that will pay off.

4. A Blazer For Style

You still likely have several vintage blazers with boxy or broad shoulders sitting in your closet, and for good reason. Everything and anything looks elegant or professional because to the hard, sleek lines, and this smart new purchase has enhanced fits thanks to stretch, non-seasonal fabric blends, fresh colors, and tweeds. Try a long, large, drop-shoulder design, a chic piped style, a cool leather model, or a thin knit with modest shaping.


How often do you reach for a dress on a chilly day and wish your winter boots would go with it? The issue is that too-short, too-tailored, and incorrectly-proportioned dresses don’t go with boots. Get yourself a flowing midi-length sweater dress or a long funnel neck sweater dress instead of the minidress-and-boot combo that millennials prefer. To give your boots a boost in the right way, you can also choose a tie-waist midi dress.

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